At the Board Table - 4

As regular readers may know, we have worked hard over the past three years to make the successful transition from IPGA to GOVERN for IMPACT. Apart from the legal, financial and organizational challenges, the most important challenge has been, and continues to be, the shift towards a more open perspective on discussing the Policy Governance principl...
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Welcoming new faces - At the board table 3

We have welcomed AJ Crabill to the board in our May meeting, as a board member-at-large. This is a first for Govern for Impact, and we are excited about it. Not in the least because we now can benefit directly from AJ's extensive experience in putting governance to work, and his inspirational dedication to the importance of good governance. We have...
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At the Board Table - 2

How quickly a year passes. While we still remember all the great things that happened during the conference in Savannah last year, our annual conference in Québec City is rapidly approaching, the first under our new name. In Savannah, we made the pivotal decision to change our name and bylaws and to adopt new Ends. Preparing for that decision took ...
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At the Board Table

It would be an understatement to say that the past few years have been busy for the board. We have been confronted with some difficult situations, while at the same time going through an intensive process of re-visioning and Ends development for the new organization.

Needless to say, the untimely passing away of our former CEO Caroline Oliver has affected us deeply. We still miss her and wish she would have been with us to witness the results of the bold initiative for change that she initiated a few years ago.

Recruiting a new CEO as we were just completing the transition to a new name and new bylaws added to an already overburdened board agenda. We are relieved to have successfully completed the recruitment process and are delighted to have Karen Fryday-Field as our new CEO, the first paid CEO in our history. You can read more about her in this board announcement.

During these developments, we sought input from association members and the wider ownership at on multiple occasions. Still, we received feedback that you wish to be more informed both about what the board is doing and the deliberations that inform important decisions we are making. That is why I’m initiating this blog: ‘At the board table.’ As a chair, I intend to share more of what we are doing and discussing, to provide you greater visibility into the board’s work.

Since the June conference we slowed our pace for a few months. We needed a short pause after a busy lead up to that gathering. Since then, we finalized the contract with our new CEO, and discussed priorities for the coming board year. One important priority is to get up to speed with monitoring again. Due to a packed agenda, we skipped some monitoring reports, especially with regard to our own governance. It’s important now to begin the regular monitoring schedule again.

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