Welcoming new faces - At the board table 3

We have welcomed AJ Crabill to the board in our May meeting, as a board member-at-large. This is a first for Govern for Impact, and we are excited about it. Not in the least because we now can benefit directly from AJ's extensive experience in putting governance to work, and his inspirational dedication to the importance of good governance.

We have introduced the possibility of a board member-at-large with the changes that we have made in our bylaws last year. At the time, we considered that our wish to gradually broaden our perspective as an organization might be accelerated by appointing a board member, that might not have participated in either the Policy Governance® Academy or the PGP education program, but who might be a tremendous opportunity to bring in an important ownership perspective based on other qualifications. AJ Crabill fits that profile perfectly.

In addition, we have received a spontanuous nomination for a board position. This has long not been the case. We can also see new volunteers entering our community on other positions. In the education committee, in the hubs, in the fund development team. We're excited to learn about these developments as a board. One of the strengths of our community has always been the long-time dedication of a group of volunteers who have so generously donated their time, expertise (and money, as sponsors to our conference). And now, made possible by their efforts, a new group of people is coming onto stage that is willing to take over the baton.

A last group I'd like to mention here, are the Young Governance Professionals, who have decided to integrate their assocation with our organization. This is another sign that we are gradually appealing to a new, broader group of people. All these developments are important input for us as a board, to guide our decisions and actions on ownership linkage. The future that we envisaged a few years ago, when starting the transition, is not yet fully there, but changes are definitely visible. That is hopeful and satisfying at the same time. 

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