2019 Govern for Impact Conference: How Ends Policies Result in Real Impact in the World - Pre-Conference Event only

How Ends Policies Result in Real Impact in the World

Karen Fryday-Field, MBA, Meridian Edge Leadership & Governance Consulting and Govern for Impact, CEO

CEO Ends Policy Interpretation is a critical component within the Policy Governance system. It is one of the primary tools that the Board has to press the organization to translating the Board’s big Ends ideas into real impact in the world.

The Policy Governance system includes specific components for the CEO Ends Interpretation. These elements include an operating definition which quantifies or describes the good to be done for what groups of people; in other words, what the specific return on investment or value is expected to be. Rationale must also provide justification for the operating definition.

This workshop will share new learning from in the field of Policy Governance advanced practice on key concepts, techniques, and lessons learned from effective CEOs and Boards related to Ends Policy Interpretation.

Suitable Audience:

  • Moderately and Experienced Board Members
  • Senior Organization Staff
  • CEOs at all levels of experience of Policy Governance implementation
  • Board Chairs
  • Governance Researchers, Governance Authors, Governance Advisors

Workshop Description:
In his article in the Harvard Business Review entitled Lofty Missions, Down to Earth Plans, V. Kasturi Rangan points out that "many non-profits have broad, inspiring mission statements - and they should.” But they also need a systematic method that connects their "purpose" to their “programs". The premise of this seminar/workshop is that the Policy Governance system has a very practical approach to ensuring this connection and more. Policy Governance goes much further in building a strong connection between purpose (Ends) and the real impact in the world. Policy Governance brings the connection all the way from owners through the Board's work and direction, to the Ends achieved. The Board directs, through Ends Policy direction, meaningful impact for specific beneficiaries and expects a strong return on investment for the owners. The CEO has the job of interpreting this Board direction and creating real outcomes, for specific people, at the appropriate costs/investment/worth.

Using the concept of CEO Ends Interpretation, as part of a principles-based, systematic approach to governance, has the potential to radically connect the organization's desired impact ideas to real results increasing the focus and impact of governance and the organization.


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Event Properties

Event Date 06-20-2019 6:00 pm
Event End Date 06-20-2019 6:30 pm
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Late Fee $20.00 (From 05-01-2019 00:00)
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