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Accountability Driven by Purpose:
Before, During, and After Crisis
Transformative Virtual Conference for a Transformative Board

You're invited to attend a very special Virtual Conference for the education leader--like you--that's looking to enhance their vision and presence among their peers. This conference is for school board members who lead with purpose-driven accountability to maximize the effectiveness and impact of the board they serve on. During this transformative time, it's more important than ever to be a purpose-driven leader.
Govern For Impact is here to help maximize Board Governance efforts. We are a non-profit community of board members, board chairs, CEOs, CFOs, researchers, academics, and consultants/coaches. We provide education/learning, conduct research, engage in advocacy, and build a learning community for those interested in governance excellence. We work to advance owner-informed, impact-focused governance system the world sorely needs.

Policy Governance is a theory-based system for board governance leadership and accountability that is needed now more than ever as we navigate through the mire of uncharted territory and find our footing amongst this current crisis. This conference will focus heavily on how to stay to your true north and enhance board governance to tackle critical challenges including achieving student success.
Important Sessions for
Education Board Members
Thursday, June 18 • 10:15am - 3:00pm
Pre-Conference: Governance Excellence in Education
Join GOVERN for IMPACT CEO Karen Fryday-Field, Dr. Hartger Wassink, and AJ Crabill bring their knowledge and experience to this pre-conference special, "Governance Excellence in Education". This session will deliver insights concepts, tools, and practical examples to make a significant and positive impact on your board. We will explore approaches to challenge school board members to stay focused on the core purpose of improving student outcomes.

This pre-conference course is focused specifically on school board governance and will address:


• An overview of the principles of systematic, principle-based, owner-accountable and results (student success) focused board governance.
• And how these principles can help resolve challenges that
plague school board governance.
• An overview on the board's role in building organization focus on student success and outcomes and why the governing board should be involved.
• Practical applications of approaches superintendents can use to translate the board's big ideas on student success into real results in the classroom.
• Examining examples of boards effectively monitoring student progress and the success resulting in increased accountability to the students, parents, and the broader community.
• A series of tools for consideration will be shared along with practical real-life school board examples.


This is a 'don't miss it' kind of session if you are a school board trustee, a board chair, a superintendent, or an advisor to school boards
CEO Karen Fryday-Field
Dr. Hartger Wassink
AJ Crabill
Case Study: A School Board Journey Through Ownership Linkage
Presented by Richard Biery
Facilitating the implementation of Policy Governance is a journey requiring a structured framework and consistent conversations reflecting the values of the ownership. Based on a school board experience, this session will discuss the importance of linkage meetings and engage participants in determining how best to implement these conversations within their organization.
Many additional workshops
to choose from.
Focus on Purpose: Applying the Power of Ends
Presented by Tom Keyse, GSP
and Bill Charney
This program will be a primer on the legal and fiduciary duties of directors, and how the Policy Governance (PG) framework enables board members to meet and exceed their legal obligations. We will explore (1) why duties matter, (2) what duties apply, (3) applicable standards, and (4) fulfilling duties through faithful exercise of PG principles and policies, and invite participants to share relevant questions, policies or experiences from their organizations or consulting practices.

A Very Special Session

With Matt Dunsmoor of Simon Sinek, Inc.

Join Matt on Friday, June 19 • 10:15am - 11:30am

Matt does is designed to catalyze growth in others. He’s obsessed with exploring the future of work and what’s possible when organizations sit on the foundation of a strong, values based culture. He imagines a world where the need for work-life balance is a thing of the past. A world in which workplaces are intent on creating powerful, supportive cultures so that people can focus on living a balanced life. He lives for “A-ha!” moments and loves celebrating the growth of others.

As a millennial and former college athlete, Matt has an exceptional ability to relate concepts across his various life experiences, allowing him to connect with audiences across the board. His curiosity has lead him into a diverse array of roles, from marketing and sales, to product management and customer service, to helping companies implement organizational governance such as self-management and Holacracy.

In 2015, through the organization he worked for, Matt attended a Why Discovery Workshop. After experiencing the process and seeing the impact it had on he and his colleagues, he advocated strongly to bring it into their company culture, eventually becoming a workshop facilitator and trainer himself. Matt now travels across the country, combining Simon’s concepts with his own experience to help teams and individuals discover their Why, give them tools to uncover their true potential, and inspiring them to pursue more purposeful work. Learn more and see Matt in action.

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