January 2021

By: Pat McCarver, Chair, Board of Directors, Govern for Impact 


Ends policy development and ongoing periodic refresh of these critical Board values and policy directives, is crucial work for any Board of Directors. This work informs the purpose of the organization and also guides the CEO’s strategy and results achieved, for specific people/groups, and at a value or worth important to the broader ownership.

At GOVERN for IMPACT, the Board has been actively working since November 2019 to scan the environment and reassess the needs that GOVERN is working to address, in order to update GOVERN’s Ends Policies to be relevant and meaningful looking forward. The Board undertook in March 2020 a series of online ownership linkage in depth critical conversations.


By: Karen Fryday-Field, BScPT, MCPA, MBA, GSP
Senior Consultant, Meridian Edge Leadership & Governance Consulting


Boards of Directors are usually put in place (appointed or elected) by some larger group of owners. As a smaller group, the Board Members, are entrusted by the owners to reflect the owners’ values and desired impacts, in leading and guiding the business/organization. The owners rely on the Board to be clear about the purpose and the worth or return on investment of the results achieved by the organization.

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