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A comprehensive list of current and past recipients of Govern for Impact awards.



Name Title Start End
Karen Fryday-Field CEO August 2018 Current
Karen Fryday-Field Co-Interim CEO January 2018 August 2018
Michael Palmer Co-Interim CEO January 2018 August 2018
Caroline Oliver CEO June 2013 January 2018
Shawn Fitzsimmons CEO March 2013 June 2013
Bill Harper CEO July 2012 February 2013
Susan Radwan Interim CEO April 2010 June 2012
Sharon Boesen CEO March 2009 March 2010
Susan Mogensen CEO July 2004 February 2009
Howard Stier CEO March 1999 June 2004
Hartgar Wassink CGO June 2018 June 2004
Rose Mercier CGO July 2013 June 2018
Karl Sommers CGO July 2011 June 2013
Eric Craymer CGO July 2010 June 2011
Susan Radwan CGO July 2009 June 2010
Mike Conduff CGO July 2008 June 2009
Jannice Moore CGO September 2004 June 2008
Caroline Oliver CGO March 1999 September 2004





Frequently Asked Questions about Policy Governance®


Policy Governance® is a significant alteration in the way boards operate and govern. Alteration of any nature can result in misconceptions, misunderstandings and even confusion. When that happens, the potential of the alteration may not be realized. These Frequently Asked Questions are intended to address some of the misconceptions, misunderstandings and confusion that have arisen about Policy Governance.

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