February 22-23, 2019
San Antonio, Texas

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This year, Govern for Impact invites all Academy-trained consultants, advanced Policy Governance™ practitioners*, and graduates of Govern for Impact’s Policy Governance Proficiency Program to this deeper dive into advanced governance.

Session Descriptions

Measuring Intangibles by Kenn Oke (speaker bio)
Ends reporting is a critical component in Policy Governance. For most non-profit organizations, however, this is not a simple process. Non-profit Ends are often qualitative intangibles. Given the complexity of the task, boards can end up settling for anecdotal Ends reporting, or simply monitoring activity. In this workshop we will explore a systematic method for measuring intangible Ends. We’ll work through some of the key principles for developing effective metrics and then see how Avant Ministries has applied the principles in their metrics tool. Effective metrics create alignment between Ends and the day to day activities of the organization. Workshop participants will walk away with an increased ability to create meaningful metrics that impact strategy.

Survey Methodology by Jack Fowler (speaker bio)
When they hear the word “survey”, many people think of political polls. However, survey methods apply any time answers to questions are used to understand the opinions or other characteristics of some group of people. As one part of our San Antonio meeting, Jack Fowler, who has spent his career studying survey methods, will help us think about how much confidence to have in results from different sorts of surveys.

Boards can have an interest in data collected from employees, from supporters and from various kinds of users of the services or other products delivered by the organizations they serve—or possibly even data about the population as a whole that the organizations are designed to serve. Board members may want to critically assess data collected by others or occasionally solicit data on their own.

Any time data are collected by asking people questions, there are at least four aspects of the way data were collected that can affect their credibility and how they can be used: 1) Who had a chance to be asked the questions. 2) Of those who had a chance, who actually provided answers. 3) How the answers were collected. 4) How the questions were actually worded. The answers to each of these questions can have an important effect on the likelihood that the answers collected are accurate and how they can be interpreted.

In the first hour of this session, Jack will provide an outline of how to think about these issues and how they can affect data quality. Then, after participants spend an hour thinking concretely about how survey methods are relevant to some issue they are concerned about, Jack will take further questions and talk with participants about how to apply the content of the session to problems that are relevant to their work.

At What Worth by John Bohley and Richard Stringham
In February 2018 the participants in the F2F Forum explored and contributed to the concept of “at what worth”. Since then the At What Worth Committee has been building on that input and wishes to share its findings at the 2019 Forum. We could explore examples of how “at what worth” can be presented as an operational definition and lessons we can learn from social return on investment (SROI). Input from the 2019 session would be used to finalize a Govern for Impact whitepaper on the subject.

Criteria for Advanced Systems of Governance by the Govern for Impact Consistency Framework Team (Eric Craymer, Chair; Linda Stier; Richard Stringham; Karen Fryday-Field)
Changes at Govern for Impact have people wondering... We know Policy Governance. You may have heard about advanced systems of governance criteria developed by the Govern board. How do these mesh? What else is out there? Who has the telescope? Together let's explore this governance galaxy. How do we make sense of it all? Join us on a journey to talk about asg's, PG and other g's!

* For purposes of the 2019 gathering, “Advanced practitioner” is defined as any individual working within the Policy Governance system for at least 3 years.

Host Hotel
Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk
123 Losoya St., San Antonio, TX 78205

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