Serving with Confidence

by Lindsay Grillet- Co-Team Leader, Young Professionals I often have conversations with other young professionals about the intricacies of serving on a Board of Directors. So many of us want to join a board to take a leadership position within organizations that we're passionate about, but some might feel that their voices aren't as loud as their m...
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Should the Board Approve CEO Interpretations in Policy Governance?

by Jannice Moore  A frequent question of learners of Policy Governance is about what the board should or should not "approve" in Policy Governance. This is an area that sometimes results in confusion because it requires a shift in mindset from traditional governance practices. Traditionally governed boards "approve" (or adopt, or accept) all m...
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Nose In Fingers Out - is not enough

by Karen Fryday-Field, MBA, GSP, GOVERN for IMPACT CEO

Over the past two decades ‘GOVERN for IMPACT’ affiliates and our broader community of people interested in governance excellence have learned that ‘board governance’ is an unique discipline in our world. In a recent discussion of university board and president leaders, I heard governance described as “fingers out, nose in…”. You can imagine, I was horrified by this limited vision or view of what governance is or how it contributes to organizational impact.

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Register Now for GOVERN's Next Online Forum: Servant-Leadership and Policy Governance... Enhancing Understanding and Exploring Potential Dynamic Synergy

November 19, 2019 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EST) Presenter: John Bohley Moderator: Karen Fryday-Field, Senior Governance Consultant and GOVERN for IMPACT CEO Enrich your understanding of Policy Governance application by exploring the provocative concept of servant-leadership as developed in the classic essays of Robert Greenleaf. Explore John Carver's th...
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PGP Program Update

Registration for the Govern for Impact Policy Governance Proficiency (PGP) program has closed and we have 14 registered participants. The program aims to provide a high-level understanding of governance in theory, principle and practice. The curriculum draws strongly on the work of John Carver in creating the Policy Governance system and provides c...
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Communities of Practice (formerly Hubs) Team Leader Athens Kolias, Hubs Team Leader will be retiring form this position in the near future to take on the role of Social Media Team Leaders. Bravo to Athens! We thank you for almost 5 years of service in this role. GOVERN is now seeking a new Communities of Practice (Hubs) Team Leader. This is a dynam...
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Online Forum: Servant-Leadership and Policy Governance

November 19, 2019 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EST) Session Presenter: John Bohley Session Moderator: Karen Fryday-Field ​ Enrich your understanding of Policy Governance application by exploring the provocative concept of servant-leadership as developed in the classic essays of Robert Greenleaf. Explore John Carver's thoughts about servant-leadership and ho...
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Online Forum: Further Exploring "At What Worth" for Ends Policies... Concepts and Practical Application for this Critical Governance Issue

October 22, 2019 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EST) This session is a must for Board Chairs, Board Members, CEOs, Board Administrators, and Vice Presidents, Finance. Speaker: Richard Stringham Moderator: Karen Fryday-Field If you've been working with Policy Governance for any length of time, you know that one of the three components of Ends policies is the "...
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At the Board Table 2

by Hartger Wassink, GOVERN Board Chair How quickly a year passes. While we still remember all the great things that happened during the conference in Savannah last year, our annual conference in Québec City is rapidly approaching, the first under our new name. In Savannah, we made the pivotal decision to change our name and bylaws and to adopt new ...
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Awesome Advanced Governance Practice Learning

by J. Inskeep, F2F Advanced Practice Forum Leader

Seventeen participants from the US, Canada and Japan gathered at the Hyatt Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas for a two day workshop centered on methods of measurement available to boards and CEOs.

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Support Good Governance... Support GOVERN for IMPACT'S Cause! Become an Affiliate!

by Karen Fryday-Field, CEO, Govern for Impact

You are the key to help change the world through governance excellence. Our world is in good hands only when every organization we build is led with clarity of purpose, determination to lasting results, deep loyalty to fundamental values, and an unwavering dedication to the people for whose benefit it exists. This happens when there is excellence in board governance.

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Why You Should Attend the Govern for Impact Annual Conference

by Vicki Hawarden, Conference Chair

My first time at the Govern for Impact Annual Conference was almost 4 years ago in Toronto. As a life-long planner of conferences, I’ve attended hundreds of similar events and I pretty much knew what to expect – a couple of receptions, some breakout sessions, a keynote or two, and a sense of community around a topic that mattered to me. And it was all that.

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 2018 Resource Development Fundraising Accountability Report

In March 2018, the former IPGA, now Govern for Impact, launched the Caroline Oliver Fund for a New Vision. This fund was launched in order to create resources to achieve the Govern for Impact ‘Ends’ (Strategic outcomes for people across the world for a reasonable cost)… and also celebrate Carolyn Oliver’s (former IPGA CEO) significant contribution to help shape this vision. 

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Faith-based Hub News: 2019Jan22

At our January 22 nd hub we began by looking at the Executive Limitation where the CEO is not allowed to create obligations over a longer term than revenues can be safely projected. There are template policies and policies that may be acquired from another organization. Do not just automatically implement them unless you know what they mean. It may...
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