Why You Should Attend the Govern for Impact Annual Conference

by Vicki Hawarden, Conference Chair

My first time at the Govern for Impact Annual Conference was almost 4 years ago in Toronto. As a life-long planner of conferences, I’ve attended hundreds of similar events and I pretty much knew what to expect – a couple of receptions, some breakout sessions, a keynote or two, and a sense of community around a topic that mattered to me. And it was all that.

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 2018 Resource Development Fundraising Accountability Report

In March 2018, the former IPGA, now Govern for Impact, launched the Caroline Oliver Fund for a New Vision. This fund was launched in order to create resources to achieve the Govern for Impact ‘Ends’ (Strategic outcomes for people across the world for a reasonable cost)… and also celebrate Carolyn Oliver’s (former IPGA CEO) significant contribution to help shape this vision. 

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Faith-based Hub News: 2019Jan22

At our January 22 nd hub we began by looking at the Executive Limitation where the CEO is not allowed to create obligations over a longer term than revenues can be safely projected. There are template policies and policies that may be acquired from another organization. Do not just automatically implement them unless you know what they mean. It may...
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