PGP Program Update

Registration for the Govern for Impact Policy Governance Proficiency (PGP) program has closed and we have 14 registered participants.

The program aims to provide a high-level understanding of governance in theory, principle and practice. The curriculum draws strongly on the work of John Carver in creating the Policy Governance system and provides context through the provision of an understanding of approaches to governance.

The PGP Program curriculum is delivered through seven Learning Units:

Unit 1 - Foundations of Governance
  • The Relationship between Governance and Society (legislation, regulation, standards and codes – (comply or explain, principles vs rules).
  • The Relationship; Between Governance and Owners and Stakeholders; The Relationship Between Governance and Management.

Unit 2 – Policy Creation

Unit 3 – Governance Roles, Documentation, Processes and Competencies

Unit 4 - Governance in Action

Unit 5 – Transcending Ourselves – Building the Ownership Connection

Unit 6 - Varieties of Governance Application

Unit 7 – Representing Governance to the World

Each Unit is approximately one month in length inclusive of pre-reading, webinar, tutorial and assignments.
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