Communities of Practice (formerly Hubs) Team Leader

Athens Kolias, Hubs Team Leader will be retiring form this position in the near future to take on the role of Social Media Team Leaders. Bravo to Athens! We thank you for almost 5 years of service in this role.

GOVERN is now seeking a new Communities of Practice (Hubs) Team Leader. This is a dynamic and critical position for GOVERN. Our Hubs, now called Communities of Practice are very important learning, sharing, engagement and development programs that accomplish great things in governance excellence. This volunteer will also become a member of GOVERN's Leadership Team.

Candidates for this volunteer position should:
  • Have 3 or 4 hours per month on average to devote to this position including being on the Leadership Team.
  • Be organized and a great communicator.
  • Be committed to GOVERN for IMPACT's purpose (see The Case for GOVERN and The GOVERN Value Proposition on our website).

This volunteer position includes:
  • Communicating with our broader community to build knowledge about and engagement in the GOVERN Communities of Practice
  • Coordinating conversations and learning among the Communities of Practice (Hubs) leaders.
  • Encouraging Communities of Practice (Hubs) to share learning from their learning experiences.
  • Recording and summarizing Communities of Practice (Hubs) statistics submitted by Hub Leaders including outcome measures.
  • Serving on the GOVERN Leadership Team as the Communities of Practice (Hubs) liaison.

GOVERN for IMPACT will provide support to the Communities of Practice (Hubs) Team Leader. Please inquire further or apply in writing in confidence to:

Karen Fryday-Field
Cell: 519-671-2510

This will be a great learning opportunity if you are interested in learning more about governance excellence.
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