What it Means to be a Governance System Professional (GSP) Fellow at GOVERN for IMPACT

GSP Fellow at GOVERN for IMPACT is a very distinguished position. We value these governance leaders and admire what they have accomplished.

Being a GSP Fellow is more than taking the Policy Governance Proficiency course and passing the exam; it is more than attending the Policy Governance Academy and passing a grandfathering exam, and it is more than continuing education credits.

GSP Fellowship is designed as a leadership position which calls for:
  • Conduct consistent with a strict professional code;
  • Continuous learning and sharing of ideas and wisdom within the broader governance excellence community';
  • Active participation in learning, sharing, advocacy and potentially research, and
  • Volunteer involvement in aspects of GOVERN for IMPACT and its purpose.

It is not just a position but a commitment to the purpose of GOVERN for IMPACT and active involvement in pursuing this purpose. We invite everyone interested in governance excellence to consider becoming a GOVERN for IMPACT GSP Fellow.

For more information, contact:

Rose Mercier
PGP Director

Karen Fryday-Field

Michael Palmer
Managing Director

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