IPGA's Demonstrated Impact team is currently working on the following:


To guide, direct, and implement (under the IPGA CEO Ends Interpretation) the theoretical basis and process of demonstrating the impact of Policy Governance in action in real-world situations.

The working group will have the following responsibilities:

  • To define "demonstrated impact".
  • To develop a theoretical framework that will guide the demonstrated impact work.
  • To develop and implement an annual plan to build the body of knowledge which demonstrates the impact of Policy Governance.
  • To engage many people and organizations in assisting with demonstrated impact initiatives.
  • To publish demonstrated impact findings in a wide variety of places.
  • To work to assist IPGA in developing resources to assist with demonstrating the impact of Policy Governance.
  • To coordinate with the other IPGA Strategic Framework working teams as appropriate.
  • To report to the IPGA Strategy Team / CEO.

If you are interested in participating please contact the group's Chair, Karen Fryday-Field via ceo@policygovernanceassociation.org

Coming Soon 

Links to all the research we currently know of.

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